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Simple and concise. Just like my notes, I’ve decided to simplify my brand. 


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BpharmaNotes for everyone.

BpharmaNotes is a perfect study tool for students, practicing pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

Pharmacy simplified

Disease states, therapeutics, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics…
As drug experts, pharmacists learn a plethora of information.

BpharmaNotes is here to simplify it all for studying and for practice.

Pharmacy school lectures range from 30-120+ pages. BpharmaNotes provides condensed lecture notes , averaging 3 pages.

Disease state & therapeutics summaries. Stay tuned.

Pharmacy is an ever-changing field. BpharmaNotes blog will keep you updated in pharmacy news, from new regulations to updates in evidence-based medicine.


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BpharmaNotes for all

For students

BpharmaNotes was started by a student, for students. BpharmaNotes’ condensed lecture notes, colorful therapeutics algorithms, and concise drug comparison tables, are a great studying tool to prepare for exams.

For pharmacists

BpharmaNotes is the perfect companion for practicing pharmacists who want to review common topics with easy-to-read, colorful and concise algorithms, charts, and tables for therapeutics, drug comparisons, and more.

Pink Gradient

Condensed notes.
Colourful tables.
Printable posters.

Study tools.


For healthcare professionals

With a focus on therapeutics of diseases and medication management, BpharmaNotes can help other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses, navigate the available medication-related information.

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